Recently a teacher friend said about me (while we were covering a brick wall in her school with a wonderful colourful mosaic mural for a kids workshop I was running) ..."I think that Wendy would like to mosaic the world".....and that is what prompted me to start this wiki:

mosaic the world

This is ME (Wendy Tanner) on the famous undulating bench in Antonio Gaudi's "Park Guell" in Barcelona, in June 2004. For a mosaic artist, it is one of the most inspiring places on this planet!!!

My latest pilgrimage was to:

Nek Chand's Rock Garden

or as Mr Chand prefers to call it: THE KINGDOM OF GODS AND GODDESSES

external image lineup.jpg
In November 2012, I spent 3 weeks here, working as a volunteer, mosaicing sculptures. Look in the ASIA link, to see more about this amazing place.

In June 2010, I visited Kitengela Glass, just out of Nairobi in Kenya, and it was an amazingly inspiring place too. Click on the Africa link on the left to explore this whimsical wonderland.Kitengela_glass.JPG

I have an aversion to large areas of brick or concrete ....I think mosaics can enhance so many public and private spaces. Don't get me wrong ..... I love concrete as a medium too. It's been around for a long time (and it makes a wonderful substrate for mosaics!!). I just recently visited Rome and some southern parts of Italy, including the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and it is amazing how much the Italians are, and were, into concrete.
2000yr old aquaducts are still standing, cemented together....with cement. (See link on left or wikipedia entry on CEMENT ). In case you are confused about cement and concrete - I used to be - cement is the powder, which when mixed with water and sand, becomes concrete.

W Eeeee N Y t A N N exploration, R My gift to you Wendy from Viv (See to create your own online mozaics)